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Buy a Shelf Company in Uzbekistan

Updated on Tuesday 13th February 2018

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Buy-a-shelf-company-in-UzbekistanForeign investors who want to start a business in Uzbekistan have several options in terms of type of structures they can use. The most common one is the limited liability company which is familiar to investors all over the world. The company registration process of a limited liability company is not complicated, however investors who do not want or know how to open it can purchase it under the form of a shelf company.

Shelf or ready-made companies in Uzbekistan do not come under the form of limited liability companies alone, however these are the most sought by foreigners who want to start their operations as soon as possible. Our company formation consultants in Uzbekistan can help you purchase a shelf company in this country.

How to choose and buy a shelf company in Uzbekistan?

Even if it is easier to simply buy a ready-made company in Uzbekistan, there are a few aspects to consider before going ahead and signing the sale-purchase agreement. On of them is to verify the chosen structure thoroughly. Our company registration agents in Uzbekistan can help you with company due diligence services. Once the verification is completed, the purchase can be completed by singing the sale-purchase contract.

An Uzbek shelf company will usually come with a registered address, VAT number and shareholders and directors. However, all these can be changed after the company is bought.

Changes which can be brought to a ready-made company in Uzbekistan

As mentioned above, there are a few changes which can be made right after the ready-made company has been purchased. New directors can be appointed and even the company address can be changed. Our local advisors recommend you use a virtual office before you can find a suitable location.

Once all the changes have been agreed and entered into the company’s incorporation documents, these must be announced to the Trade Register in Uzbekistan which will update them.

Foreign investors purchasing Uzbek shelf companies for certain purposes will be required to obtain the necessary permits in order to start their operations.

If you want to buy a shelf company in Uzbekistan and need assistance, please contact us. We can also assist those who want to open a new company in Uzbekistan.


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